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Cv de Decorator/graphic designer/conceptor

Sought job:Decorator/graphic designer/conceptor

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Datum der letzten Veränderung : 2014-05-05

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75011 Paris

Aktuelle Situation:

Aktuell Bereich : IT

Größe des Betrieb : 1-5 Mitarbeiter

Aktueller Posten : Art director

Jahranzahl an dieser Stelle : 3-5 Jahre

Anzahl von Personen unter meines Befehl : 1-5 Personen

Jahresgehalt : 45000.00 EUR

Totalerfahrung : 11-15 Jahre

Verfügbarkeit : Sofortige Verfügbarkeit

Gesucht Stelle:

Posten: Decorator/graphic designer/conceptor, ,

Bereich : Creative, ,

Gewünscht Vertragsart: unbefristeter Vertrag, Zeitvertrag, Intermittierend Zeitvertrag, Vertretung, Vertreter

Gewünschtes Arbeitszeit: Vollzeit, Teilzeitjob, Arbeiten am Wochenende

Minimum / gewünschte Jahreslohn : 0.00 / 0.00 EUR

Studieren :

Höchste abgeschlossene Studium mit einem Diplom : Abitur+7

Letzte Diplom :

Aktuelle Studiumsniveau : Abitur+7

Andere Ausbildungen :

Divers :

Beweglichkeit : Land : Belgium, Brazil, China, Egypt, Finland, Frankreich, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

Tool / Softwares / Methoden

Leichte Fahrzeug, Lkw, spezielle Fahrzeuge

Sprachen Arabisch : Muttersprache
Englisch : Fließend
Niederländisch : Fortgeschrittener
Französisch : Fließend

Lebenslauf :

Frau Am... P...


75011 Paris

PROFILEMy career has led me to specialize increasingly in the management of complex multiculturalprojects and their staffs at international levels.I have experience in: strategic forward-planning; operating within the tight financial disciplinesimposed by ambitious budgets which I have helped to plan; methodical administration todeadlines (not to speak of crisis management where necessary); and the application of modernleadership methods (through staff motivation and involvement in both decision-making andtarget-setting, clarity in communication, and easy personal inter-relations). My owncosmopolitan background and analytical interests in other cultures, together with a commandof several European languages, have also left me confident in handling negotiations thatrequire the reconciliation of different national approaches to otherwise common problems.
SKILLS• Familiarity with both the artistic and the commercial worlds, the culture of government,and European regulations• Implement and develop creative direction on projects• Having 10 years experience in the creative world• Excellent communication, verbal, organizational and writing skills• Good presentation and client facing skills• Ability to develop strong marketing and advertising• Tested management techniques• Proven leadership and human management skills• Time-efficient, systematic working methodology• Rapid adaptability to new problem-solving and new locations• Enjoy helping customers to resolve problems through analyzing, questioning anddiscussing possible outcomes in a positive and friendly manner• Enjoy taking ownership of ongoing customer issues from start to successful completionwith an emphasis on excellent customer satisfaction• The ability to priorities whilst adhering to set working procedures• A reliable and conscientious, who strives to meet targets and uses discretion whendealing with sensitive information• The drive to succeed through ongoing training and development, backed up by dailymeasurements and happy to learn from as well as support the team• Thrives in a fast paced evolving work environment and flexible• Friendly, welcoming with the power to quickly create an excellent rapport with thecustomer
EXPERIENCEActual – Independent Graphic & Visual artist2009 / 2010 – Designer and business developer - JAVA jojo (France)2008 / 2009 – Concept designer and business developer – Concept Emballage (France )2005 / 2008 – Graphic & web designer - TRIVERA TECHNOLOGIES (USA, Holland, France)2003 / 2005 – Art Director, GRAPHISTE– BUR SELF (Holland)2000 / 2002 – Art Director - SOFTMERCE internet (Holland)2000 / 2001 – Concept Designer – SIMATIC (Germany, Holland)Année 2000 – Graphic & web designer - SOFTMERCE internet (Holland)1997 / 2000 – Graphic designer – EDC (Holland)1994 / 1996 – Interior designer - WOOD MARK Gallery (Egypt)1991 / 1994 - Interior designer - IWAN EL-ADHAM Gallery (Egypt)
EDUCATIONMA visual artsUniversity Paris 1- Sorbonne (France)2010 License visual artsUniversity Aix-Marseille (France)2000 – Courses in Graphic design and visual communicationRietveld Academy (Amsterdam-Holland)1991 – BC interior and furniture designFaculty Applied Art (Cairo – Egypt)
COMPUTER SKILLSMAC, PC environmentAutocad, SWIFT 3D, Z-Brush, Modo, Solid works, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign,QuarkXPress, Freehand, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Flash, PowerPoint,Excel, Word, Winner...
LANGUESEnglish, Dutch, French and ArabicINTERESTVisual arts, Traveling, Creation, Design, Fashion, Reading, Listening to others


Frau Am... P...


75011 Paris

Sought job:Decorator/graphic designer/conceptor

As you can see from my enclosed CV I have relevant creative experience , up selling, assisting customers with product selection and excellent communicating and negotiating skills.
I am also highly-experienced in working at the local, regional and national levels and though various different channels.
I have also developed strong communication and people skills; I am highly motivated, and possess an ability to overcome challenges. In short, I know that I would be a strong addition to your team.
I hope therefore, that on consideration of my CV, you will be persuaded of my potential to perform well and to make a real contribution to your business. I am available for interview at any time and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Frau Am... P

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